The Open Source Experience

My first open source activity was last year, a programme organized by SCA. I was happy to have my PRs merged and happy to be contributing my quota to a large existing project, and since then I have been expectant.

When the call for Contributhon came in , i couldn’t wait to get in, I missed the interview and requested for a reschedule. The programme started on the 1st of April and this has been my experience so far:

  1. My Activities

I contributed to the layer5 Community handbook. The Community handbook is a documentation of existing projects and repositories, it…

Quick steps to host and auto-deploy static Apps with Netlify.

Requirement: I assume you have pushed your app to Github and you have a Netlify account.

Step 1: Click the “New site from Git” on your Netlify dashboard on the overview page. Pick your git provider. You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 2: Click “ Configure the Netlify app on GitHub” to search for repo not listed. This will prompt for access to your Github account . Go ahead and then select the repositories you want Netlify to configure.

Few weeks ago, She Code Africa called for applications for it’s cloud internship. One of the technical assessment was on Docker containers. You can look up the assessment here. Was the test too challenging for you? well, it’s not too late to learn now.

Basically, the whole idea is to run an application from a Docker container. Just like running an app on localhost but this time it’s on Docker environment. Our preferred language is JavaScript and we will be running a Nodejs application from a docker container.

Okay let’s start.


One of the Frontend Libraries projects in freecodecamp is building a random quote machine using React. Well, I am happy to walk you through the process. let’s get started.

Set up React App

Open your terminal . Type npm create-react-app quotegenerator or npx create-react-app quotegenerator. You should have your react app created for you.

Component files

Create a folder called Components in your src folder. Add two JavaScript files named QuoteBox.js and Colorbox.js to the Components folder.

Quotebox.js — Handle the Quote changes.

Colorbox.js — Handle the color changes.


let’s explain what happen here.

Import the Quotebox.js and…

So you have decided to try WordPress? Awesome! I will show you how to get started. A brief housekeeping before we dive into the matter.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to build websites and manage contents without writing codes . In other words, you don’t have to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript rather you focus on providing content while your site is up and running . It is fast and open source too(anyone can contribute to it). With WordPress, any one can build a website. or

These are two different things and it confused me at…

Hi there!

Happy New Year!

There will be lots of writing this year , so this is me getting my blog sites ready and running.

I will be writing on general things, technical and out of boxes stuff. General ideas like my opinions on tech matters, technical things like codes related, out of boxes like “i don’t know”

i intend to have fun while at it.

Get ready for me.


Software developer. Imaginative. I love daring and exploring. The confusion in startups is thrilling and i love it.

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