So you have decided to try WordPress? Awesome! I will show you how to get started. A brief housekeeping before we dive into the matter.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to build websites and manage contents without writing codes . In other words, you don’t have to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript rather you focus on providing content while your site is up and running . It is fast and open source too(anyone can contribute to it). With WordPress, any one can build a website. or

These are two different things and it confused me at first. has limitations compare to I found these article that help explained everything check it out


So we have agreed on This means you are installing WordPress locally on your computer. You are going to use your computer for running and testing the sites before going live. What do you need to have or do

  1. Install XAMP or WAMP server on your local machine.
  2. Verify that Apache and MYSQL is working
  3. Verify that phpMyAdmin is working

Installing WordPress

  1. Download WordPress at to get the latest version. This will download the WordPress .zip file to your local machine.
  2. Navigate to your XAMPP folder. Locate the htdocs folder. Create a folder “ learningwordpress” inside the htdocs folder.

3. Unzip the WordPress folder, copy it’s content into the “learningwordpress” folder

4. WordPress uses MySQL for database. Open the XAMPP control panel, click on Start for Apache and MYSQL, click on the MySQL Admin to launch the phpMyAdmin.

5. To set up the Database. Click on Database on the top of the launch.

Add a database name, in my case “learningword” and Click Create

6. Visit your site “https://localhost/foldername” to set up config file for WordPress installer. Three important information needed are

  1. Database name — your database name
  2. Database username — use “root”
  3. Database password — leave it blank

Click Submit , run installation and fill in information for your Site

7. Go on to this and Login

and Voila! you have your dashboard. You can now visit your site.

I hope you enjoyed the journey…

Software developer. Imaginative. I love daring and exploring. The confusion in startups is thrilling and i love it.

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